Whether you are just exploring the Christian faith or a committed Christian there is a place for you.

We are an Anglican congregation located in the eastern the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Australia.

We are seeking to journey well together, to deepen in our faith in Christ, grow in our understanding of God and his purposes in our lives, and to share God’s love through the enabling power and presence of the Holy Spirit with others.

St Edward’s seeks to provide a caring and supportive place for those seeking spiritual refreshment. We recognise that many of our members serve within the wider community in a variety of roles and also in Christian ministries beyond the local parish. In order to support our members in their service to God’s world, we seek to provide the tools for our members to make the connection between the Bible and the contemporary society we now live in. Additionally, we want to foster a lifestyle which is modeled on Christ so that the ‘good news’ of Christ’s death and resurrection is seen and heard as a life-giving way which a person may commit their life to.